Solid Waste Management

Macon County Solid Waste
1319 Heady Ridge Road
P.O. Box 506
Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150
(615) 699-3707 (Voice)
(615) 699-2608 (Fax)

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A Basic Guide to Recycling in Macon County
Recycling Brochure
(Updated 11/06/2019)

Macon County Solid Waste Employees

  • Keith Centers - Director
  • James Akers
  • Michael Forkum
  • Anthony Knight
  • Chuck McLerran
  • Colin Morris
  • Phillip Terry
The Macon County Transfer Station is a county-owned disposal facility that is provided for the residents of Macon County.  The Transfer Station was established in 1997 when the landfill was closed after many years of operation.  The landfill itself is maintained as cropland and is monitored and inspected according to State of Tennessee guidelines.

The Transfer Station is located on the same premises as the landfill, on Heady Ridge Road, approximately one mile from the Macon Bank & Trust Office in Red Boiling Springs.

The Transfer Station accepts most solid waste, tires, and items for recycling.  The procedure is to weigh-in each vehicle containing trash as it enters the Transfer Station.  The customer can then unload his/her trash.  Then the vehicle is weighed on the way out. 

In addition to the Transfer Station there are recycling bins throughout the county.

Directions to the Transfer Station

  1. From TN 52, go north on McClure for 1.2 miles.
  2. Turn left on Heady Road. 
  3. Bear left after 0.1 miles.
  4. You are still on Heady Road.  Go another 1.1 miles to the Transfer Station on your left.
Please remember to keep Macon County beautiful 
by disposing of your trash responsibly.

Dumpster Rentals Available

  • 4-yard dumpster
  • Cost:  $500 for 3 days use and 3 tons waste disposal.
  • Includes delivery and hauling.
  • Additional tonnage is $75 per ton.
  • Additional daily rental is $20 per day.
  • Maximum 7 days rental.
  • Certain waste restrictions apply.
  • See flyer for more information.
Free Recycling
Join the Recycling Movement that's spreading around the world.  The goal of Free Recycling is to reduce the amount of useable stuff that winds up being thrown away, filling up our landfills, and using up our natural resources.  Members post items online that they no longer want: a table, a power tool, a bed, a toy, clothes, a computer, whatever.  Another member spots something he/she wants, contacts the current owner, and receives the item for free.  No money changes hands.
Simple and elegant, and less unnecessary waste!