Highway Department

Macon County Highway Department
884 Old Highway 52
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-3910 (Voice)
(615) 666-7554 (Fax)
Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Highway Department Garage
884 Old Highway 52
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-2910 (Voice)


County Road Supervisor
Audie Cook

From left to right: Regina Flippin, Audie Cook, Crystal Swindle

Highway Department Employees 

The Macon County Highway Dept. is responsible for 610 miles of county roads. That is the same distance as driving from Lafayette to Orlando, Florida. If you drove our county road system at an average of 35mph it would take 17.5 hours to drive every mile. The funding for our department comes from two sources: State Fuel Tax and County Property Tax. The State Fuel Tax is divided by all 95 counties of Tennessee. It is determined by Area, Population and Percentage of Equal share. Macon County collects an average of 6.9 million dollars of Property Tax and the Highway Department receives 5.50% of all collected County Property taxes which averages $379 thousand per year. Our total collected budget funds averages 2.1 million dollars per year. At the current prices it costs an average of $85,000.00 to pave a mile of road. We currently have 145 miles of gravel roads in the county, so to pave the gravel roads in the county it would cost $12,325,000.00. To oil and chip one mile of road is $27,000.00 which would total $3,915,000.00 for all gravel roads and the lifespan of an oil and chip surface is 3-6 years. The Highway Department is also responsible for 110+ bridges over the county. These include wood and concrete bridges.

Audie Cook attends meetings in Nashville on a regular basis to push for more funding from the State. He is in contact with Representatives to push for the Legislatures to look at the situations in our rural community. The department has been approved for grants for stream bank stabilization on some of our roads. We are always looking for other grants that the department could apply for and qualify.

The Highway Department currently has 21 employees with a wide range of skill levels. All these employees are responsible for patching, graveling, grading, ditching, mowing, and tile installation of all county roads. The employees are on call 24/7 in case of downed trees, floods, or inclement weather. We are very proud of the employees and their dedication to the department and county.

The Road Supervisor and the department are available to respond to everyone’s concerns and suggestions. We encourage anyone with a concern to please contact us either by phone or email. Our Phone number is 666-3910 and our email is countyroad@nctc.com. 

We look forward to serving the community and all its citizens.