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United States Map
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The State of Tennessee is marked in red.



United States Map
Here is another United States map.  As you can see, Tennessee is bordered by eight states.  Here are the abbreviations for Tennessee and the surrounding states as used in this map:
TN - Tennessee
KY - Kentucky
VA - Virginia
NC - North Carolina
GA - Georgia
AL - Alabama
MS - Mississippi
AR - Arkansas
MO - Missouri



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Interstate Highways Map of Tennessee
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Cities of Tennessee.  
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To locate Macon County, go due north (up) from Nashville until you reach the Kentucky border.  Then go east (right) until you see Lafayette.  Lafayette is almost in the exact center of Macon County.   Map is courtesy of the Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation.



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Area Map
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This is a map showing Macon County in relation to Nashville, Tennessee and southern Kentucky.  Lafayette, the county seat, is shown with a red star.  The map is courtesy of